Can you vacuum clean your PC?

Can you vacuum clean your PC?

You may not realize it when you’re busy doing the tasks, but under the keyboard keys all the particles accumulate weakening the output.
There are definitely occasions when your laptop even needs cleaning from the inside. When time goes by the equipment will capture particles of dust inside the device, resulting in slower operations. Therefore you may need to open the back panel and clean the fans and the board off the dust using a vacuum cleaner for PC.

Switch off and unplug your Computer

You need to unplug all of the external devices attached to it before you can even continue with the cleaning process. Also, make sure all your activities and files are saved and you shut down the machine for better operation and cleaning.
You may need to keep your laptop overdue of which turning off the laptop is necessary and removing it from charging if you are at all.


Get a damp cloth or a Window Cleaning Kit

Now you can either get moist cloth from your closet if you have any, or you can find lots of items on the e-commerce sites for better cleaning.

The Screen Clean

Now, all you have to do is spray the liquid onto your cloth and scrub it gently. When you are using a screen cleaner, just make sure to re-wipe it with a dry cloth.

Get a Cleaner for Keyboards

Okay, the very first thing we would suggest would be a mini battery powered vacuum cleaner to clean your laptop. This may sound a bit over the top but it’s been used by people and they love it.
Another tool you should try out is a super comfortable brush for washing. The handle is very good to use, and is used worldwide. This is not only quite easy to use, but is capable of cleaning every single corner or keyboard key. All of these goods are fantastic and offer a wide price range. Make sure you go through the stuff, and make your own decision.


Clean the keys

Now it’s time to take advantage of the product you want. It’ll always be easier if you turn the laptop upside down and a kiss on the back before that. It would ensure the elimination of all the particles in the keyboard.
Cleaning a laptop with a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt, small particles etc. It’s not very strong, and runs off a charging battery. It is basically cordless to use. Instead, if you’ve wanted to go for the Cleaning Brush, just use it on the edges of the keys to clean it one by one.