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Perhaps one of the greatest problems among mobile phone users is the need to change a battery once, twice, or a lot of times during the phone’s existence. Since batteries are not cheap and cost about $40, the cost of continuously replacing batteries is increasingly adding up. Although many that assume that cost is unavoidable, the fact is that you can take different measures to extend the life of any battery, saving you time and money. Bear in mind that the volume of headphones affect battery life.

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The fake chargers are one of those stuff you can’t trifle with ever. The fake chargers have been blamed for injuries in the past, and that is part of the reason they shouldn’t be taken lightly.
If it comes to fake charging cable affect a phone, there is considerably greater risk of electrocution or explosion. That’s just how dangerous fake chargers are to you, or your devices.

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These days live video sharing and related technology are growing in popularity. Cable TV days as the main source of entertainment decline steadily. Today, consumers are searching for different ways to entertain themselves and absorb news. One such technology is currently being used for live video sharing. Mind this year’s Royal wedding? Live video content providers have reported a large spike in subscribers at the time of the royal wedding. This acts as a testimony to the technology’s potential importance.

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